Deepening into Intimacy & Ecstasy for Men & Women


With Sonja Shrada Devi

Saturday, 22nd, 11.30 am to 3.30 pm

Full price: £65 (conc. £55)

A guided journey of playful & profound exploration of radical embodiment & authentic connection for couples and singles.

‘Belly to belly’ is a tantric practice designed to deepen our capacity to connect, and meet ourselves, and each other in a fresh, raw, real way. In this workshop ‘Belly to Belly’ meets Ecstatic dance for a journey of connection and embodied ecstasy.

You are invited to drop beyond the masks and be guided through a series of simple exercises with a series of partners. The practices are both simple and profoundly transformative, helping you to explore and gently move beyond blocks to intimacy, learn to create healthy boundaries and open to feeling on a whole new level.

In this workshop for men and women Shradha combines her experience as a Tantra and Yoga teacher, Women’s Healer and Intimacy & Empowerment Coach to provide a safe and supportive space for women and men yearning to break free from self judgment and shame through connecting to their power, vulnerability, strength and unconditional capacity for self love and cultivate deeper connection in all their relationships.

​Come and join us in this revolution of men & women stepping into their power and showing up as the most authentic,  embodied, integrated and unashamed version of themselves.

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