Health Qigong – Ba Duan Jin – Eight Treasures

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About the class

IMAGEThe Eight-section Exercises date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and its easy movements and impressive effects on health make it a gem in China’s health and fitness culture. Purpose of the exercises is to increase internal energy circulation through spiritual cultivation and physical exercises so as to improve health and fitness.

Deep natural breathing is required during the practice of the routines, without any constraint. It has been proved that practice of Ba Duan Jin improves the respiratory system, limb strength, and flexibility of the joints, fortifies the nerves as well as enhances the general balance.

It improves the cardiovascular function and helps to cure such illnesses as coronary artery scleroses and osteoporosis. It strengthens one’s immune system to a degree, delays the aging process, and also improves one’s mental health.

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This is a donation based class (suggested donation £8)

Video demo by Master Faye Yip – President of British Health Qigong Association.

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Short Michal Balaz’s bio

michal faceMichal has been practicing Health Qigong and Mediation for the past six years. His background in martial arts and MBA research into work psychology are the basic foundations for creating environments where the body and mind are equally engaged. This short one hour lunch time drop in class is to support the team spirit in practice. ‘Happiness bring happiness’

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