Lucy Pregnancy Yoga Class

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Wednesdays from 12:30 to 13:30

About the class

Pregnancy is a gift to be enjoyed and sometimes it can be overwhelming too. In this class Lucy will help you check in with your body and mind and practice accepting the constant changes. Yoga during your pregnancy can provide the space for you to tune in to your baby, to ease any physical issues that come up, help to keep you supple and strong (gently), practice breathing techniques for birthing, help you to relax, sleep better and bond with your baby. As well as supporting your body and mind, Lucy will support you to direct your energy inward, deeply connecting to your womb, your power and the source of life. Importantly, Lucy really wants to build a regular circle of mothers-to-be and guide them through their pregnancy yoga together. So it will be a lovely friendly class and a fab way to meet other expecting mamas!

Further info and to book

Tel. 07784049822

Cost £10

About the teacher

lucy-leonard-imagePlease find the full Lucy’s bio here