I M MAUI YOGA with Liz and Jordana

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Every Fridays 7-8 pm

This is a gentle, beginner Hatha yoga class.

The class focuses on traditional Hatha principles for connection of the mind and body, restoration and relaxation.

Aiming to introduce the benefits of Hatha Yoga to those that have never practised yoga to a regular practitioner.

Suitable for all levels.

Further info and how to book

£10 drop in



The yoga facilitators in their words



“Hi I’m Jordana, co- founder of IM MAUI ( IM Mindful, Aware, Unique, Individual), I have a background of performance and dance. I have practised yoga for sometime and found the serenity it brought me truly magical. After going through some personal challenges I decided to embark on becoming a certified Yoga teacher. I am passionate about the connectedness that Yoga can bring and I believe we learn from each other on the journey. My aim is to create a relaxed environment, release tension through the practice and explore the power of the mind and body Union.”




“Hi, I’m Liz, co-founder of IM MAUI (IM Mindful, Aware, Unique, Individual). My passion lies in encouraging the individual to live their authentic self. I love sharing yoga with those that are willing and allowing me to learn from them as well. I believe that the only way to understand yoga is by experiencing it through practice as it cannot be inherited, brought or simply studied. My aim is to allow you to feel physical and emotional balance, connect with the mind and body, and empower yourself to connect with your true purpose.”