Post-natal Yoga Class

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Every Tuesday, 10.15-11.15 am

Alternating weekly classes for you to restore, strengthen and energize the body following birth. Babies are welcomed to join the practice each week.

Post-natal yoga involves gentle vinyasa flow class, tailored for the each stage of your post natal recovery, to nurture the body, find the breath and calm the mind post birth.

Post-natal pilates quickens postpartum recovery by reconnecting the abdominals that have been stretched to allow the baby to grow. Once the core muscles have been re-established, the rest of the body can be strengthened to help you cope with all the bending and lifting you will be doing with your new baby. Simone focuses on readdressing the posture so that as the new demands of motherhood are encountered, the mother’s body is strong enough, so that all the carrying and breastfeeding does not result in backache.

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Class Teachers

Corinne Allsopp: Corinne commenced her yoga journey in 2006 and completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 through YogaWorks in Los Angeles. Corinne is a recent graduate of Nadia Narain’s London based pregnancy yoga training and is herself a new-ish mother. Corinne understands the importance of preparing the body, mind and spirit for journey through the labyrinth of motherhood.