Pregnancy Yoga Class

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8:05-9:05 pm

About the class

Alternating weekly classes to support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga emphasizes the need for safe movement and exercise throughout pregnancy. Corinne utilizes a gentle vinyasa flow practice to build strength and stamina in preparation for birth. The practice allows you to slow down, connect with your baby and prepare for this important transition in your life. The classes also provide an opportunity for you to meet new mothers in the area – important for connections before and after the journey of birth and into Motherhood.

Pre-natal Pilates is a safe way to exercise during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Strengthening the pelvic floor prepares the body for a smooth prenatal phase and birth, as well as being vital in the post natal period. As a woman’s body goes though rapid changes during the 9 months of pregnancy, Simone addresses these changes in posture by mobilizing the joints that may be taking strain which helps to reduces backache. Simone also focuses on keeping ankles, legs, upper-body and arms strong and mobile in preparation for an active birth and for the physical demands after birth such as breastfeeding and carrying the child.

Corinne and Simone welcome any pregnant mother from 13 weeks gestation and beyond to the classes and can accommodate most issues or complications related to pregnancy. Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding your needs through, where you can also book your attendance.


Class Teacher – Corinne Allsopp

Corinne commenced her yoga journey in 2006 and completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 through YogaWorks in Los Angeles. Corinne is a recent graduate of Nadia Narain’s London based pregnancy yoga training and is herself a new mother.

Corinne understands the importance of preparing the body, mind and spirit for journey through the labyrinth of motherhood.


Class Teacher – Claire Horton

A yoga practitioner of 15 years, Claire initially trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, continuing to study further with Ryan Spielman and David Swenson. As her practice evolved, Claire developed an interest in yoga for pregnancy and women’s wellbeing and undertook prenatal yoga training with Brahmani Yoga. In 2016 Claire progressed to further her studies with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Author of Yoni Shakti) in Womb Yoga and Well Woman Yoga Therapy.

Claire’s prenatal classes merge the gentle flowing movement of Vinyasa practices, with the deeply nourishing and powerful practices of Womb Yoga. Her classes offer the opportunity for women to take much needed time out from the mental preparation for childbirth and mothering to reconnect with a deep intuitive knowing. Taking inspiration from restorative yoga and utilising sound, mantra, and Yoga Nidra, Claire’s prenatal classes focus less on yoga as dynamic movement and more on the opportunity to facilitate deep rest.

With a professional background in the arts, Claire established Yoga at Sunshine ૐ at Sunshine International Arts (Loughborough Junction) in March 2014 – a partnership that nurtured the growth of a small community centered yoga space in the heart of arts and creativity. In 2017 she established the Creative Birth Programme, in partnership with Corinne Allsopp and Simone Muller –Lotz (Labyrinth Yoga and Pilates) and Community Midwife Laura Godffrey-Issacs, to support pregnant women through a series of workshops encompassing yoga, movement and artist-led creative sessions.