Yoga for Detox, Cleanse and Sculpt

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Wednesdays 18:30-19:30, £12 drop-in

Want to truly use your yoga practice to cleanse and tone your body and purify your mind in the most effective and natural way?

Then you will love this class!

In this class we focus on a deep abdominal breath (belly breathing), we recruit your inner heat and work your whole body with cleansing twists, balancing poses and inversions that help you keep your mind sharp and your mood happy.

A deep abdominal breath (belly breathing) helps you to detoxify the body through exhaling cellular waste, cleansing and stimulating the lymphatic system (60% of your body’s lymph nodes are located just under the diaphragm) and as a way to stay calm and grounded.

By doing twisting poses we squeeze and massage our organs. This provides oxygen to the kidneys and liver by delivering a rush of blood to the tissues. When you release a twisting pose, your organs become flooded with a rush of nutrients, and toxins are released. This allows your organs to work more efficiently and effectively by cleansing the blood that circulates throughout your body.One of the greatest benefits from doing this practice regularly is a complete freedom from headaches, fatigues, anxiety and depressions, great digestion not to mention a clear mind.

Booking and Further Information

Cost: £12 drop-in (£60 6-week pack and £72 8-week pack)

Book a class now:

For enquiries contact Yulia on or 07500 934117

Class Teacher – Yulia Solf


After finding yoga 8 years ago and practicing it with teachers whom I felt a strong connection with I’ve stepped into a new path which keeps on transforming my life – from being tense, stressed and living in fear, to trusting and appreciating the present moment, being excited about life and fulfilling my dreams.

Feeling benefits from doing all types of yoga, I was especially inspired by Zen Yoga and completed the 200hrs teacher training with Zenways and Daizan Roshi.

My classes invite you to take a journey where you reconnect with your authentic self, learn how to trust your body’s wisdom and discover powerful life force of ‘Heart & Mind’ union.