Yoga Nidra

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This class is held on alternate Sundays 19:30-20:30, £15 drop-in


  • April 8th and 22nd (please read the events’ description below)
  • May 6th and 20nd (please read the events’ description below)
  • June 3rd and 17th (please read the events’ description below)

£15 drop in (classes package available)

From 8th April 2018 Ma Shakti’s Yoga Nidra classes will be having specific themes. They can be attended either one-off or group classes.

Themes for April, May and June are described below (after Booking and Further info section)

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric practice for deep relaxation and laying down meditation.

It is said that 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra are as restorative as 3 hours of ordinary sleep and in fact, the benefits can be noticed already after the first session.

The classes are open to all levels and particularly beneficial for people battling with sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic stress and hyperactivity.

No experience needed, just the ability to lay down still for 45 minutes.

Booking and Further Information

Drop in £15 per session subject to availability. The use of mat is included but you can bring your own if you have one, a blanket to keep your body warm as you relax, a small pillow and a bottle of water.

For info and to book please contact Ma Shakti on 07943 931032 or email

To read student’s reviews and detailed teacher’s profile, please follow this link


‘Deep relaxation for better sleep’ – 8th April, 20th May 2018
Generally, during regular sleep we do not unburden totally and unconsciously we carry our frustrations, conflicts, pain and turmoil with us in sleep, hence sleep never goes deep. This creates constant body- mind tension and hormonal imbalance, that can manifests as insomnia or chronic fatigue.
You will learn how to bring yourself to a state of deep relaxation before sleep and how small life style changes that can make all the difference in regulating your endocrine secretions to aid better sleep.

‘Sankalpa: the power of intention’ – 22nd April, 3rd June 2018
A characteristic feature of Yoga Nidra is using a clearly determined intention- or Sankalpa- to change deep rooted habit patterns. The ancient yogis used the deep sleep state to examine their thought patterns in their latent, non active form. These formless forms, or deep habit patterns, are called “samskaras” and are the driving force of actions. Habitual negative actions, can thus be reduced and eliminated through a regular and committed practice.
You will learn how to formulate a powerful Sankalpa and how to use it effectively to release any negative pattern or deep rooted habit that is no longer serving you.

‘Journey through the chakras’- 6th May, 17th June 2018
The term ‘Chakra’ was first found in Tantric texts as referring to a point where two or more energy lines (nadis) intersect. There are roughly 72000 nadis in the human body and therefore many chakras, however the major and largest intersections are located along our spinal chord. When such energy centres are clogged, not purified and poorly maintained, we can experience disturbs in our health and personality, as well as distortion in the way we experience the world around us.
You will learn the physical, mental and emotional correspondence of each chakra and simple techniques to cleanse and harmonise these major energy centres.

Class Teacher – Ma Shakti

Besides teaching Yoga and meditation, Ma Shakti is a visual artist, lecturer and holistic therapist. She combines her academic background in art, philosophy and education with traditional training in yoga to offer a creative and holistic approach to well being.

She is a Yoga Alliance certified practitioner, trained in the Himalayan tradition of Sri Swami Rama. Her specialization is in traditional Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Yoga Nidra.

For more details about Shakti’s training, please follow the link below.