Zen Meditation beginners welcome and orientation

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Sundays 16:00-16:30

If you’re a beginner to Zen meditation practice, then please come to this class before our main session starting at 4:30.

You will learn from one of our trained meditation teachers about how to practise Zen meditation and what happens in our group practice session. We will show you how to chant, how to bow, how to get individual instruction with Daizan Roshi (sanzen), and how to continue your practice day-to-day.

Feel free to come to this as many times as you want, for instance if you have further questions to ask.

Gassho gesture - zenways sangha

Class Teacher – The Zenways sangha

One of the senior members of the Zenways sangha will lead this session. Our group has been going since 2007 and includes a number of trained meditation and mindfulness teachers, and individuals training to be Junior Zen teachers.