Re-birthing Breathwork With Gong

Rebirthing with Gongs
Saturday 29th April 2017 (3 – 6 pm)
Rebirthing Breathwork with Gong is a 3 hour workshop developed two years ago by Purnima in a work partnership with Brazilian Sound Therapist Susan Manjula. 

Brought to the UK in 2017, this project is an initiative of Rebirthing Club of London and SonicSoul, and aims to offer a new wave of Conscious Breath Therapy and Sound Therapy in group sessions.

Rebirthing – Conscious Breathing is a breathwork therapy that can revitalise and rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, delight the soul, and enliven our actions and relationships.

The Gong is a musical percussion instrument of ancient origins used in Sound Therapy. Known as the sound of total resonance, the gong is played with the intention of bringing people into a state of harmony. Its frequencies and resonance can quieten the mind, relax the physical body, release emotional blockages, and cleanse the energetic field.

Together, these two terapies, potentialise the benefits of a session. The Rebirthing promotes an expansion and the Gongs helps to dissolve resistance./span>

The session starts at 3pm. Please arrive 5 minutes before. Thank you.

The workshop includes:
-An induction section where you learn the breathing technique of Rebirthing Breathwork, and are introduced to the sounds of the gong.

-A 90 minutes practice section. You lay down on a comfortable mat ready to begin practice. In the beginning of the session, the Rebirthing Breathwork is accompanied by recorded music. The gong will come in at a specific point in the practice, when most resistance is met.

-A sharing and feedback section with snacks and a cup of tea.

Booking and further info

How to book:
Space is limited. Please book in advance via Billetto (
*Early Bird Tickets at £45 (plus Billetto fee)*General Admission £55 (plus Billetto fee).*Concession £45 (plus Billetto fee).

About the Facilitators


Contact details: 
If you have any questions please contact

*Patricia on or 07825166474
*Purnima on or 07411 858488