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Inner Circle Women’s Gatherings


25th November 2017 ~ 13:00-15:00, at Zen Yoga Camberwell venue

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Would you like to learn how to draw closer to the spirit by strengthening your connection to the divine power within? The WOMB Network Inner Circle Women’s Gatherings serve as a sacred place to master the universal principle of reciprocation.

Though some of us have forgotten, as women we are naturally receptive therefore more attuned to meditation and the art of receiving. However, to ask is a masculine trait and a principle that is exceptionally under practice amongst women which is why we are more likely to humbly settle for what we are given or adopt a survival mentality to maintain that which we have.

These gathering will be an opportunity to develop and strengthen our “asking muscle” in prayer, by sending confident, focused and faithful requests into the universe empowered by the collective consciousness of our sisterhood.

You will learn how to;

  • Strengthen your connection with the higher power
  • Build confidence, belief, and faith
  • Ask for clarity, understanding, and guidance
  • Embrace stillness & unknowing
  • Experience the benefits of sisterhood in a safe & relaxed setting

To register, please to R.S.V.P by booking your ticket on Eventbrite. We ask a donation of £9 to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments to be paid via

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Saturday 25th November, 5-7 pm

Cost £25 (£20 Concessions)


Restorative yoga evolved from the teachings of BKS Iyengar and is suitable for everyone regardless of yoga style or level. Poses are held for longer lengths of time (up to 15mins) with the body fully supported on bolsters and blankets to ensure comfort and ease. Gentle stretches and breath awareness help to release tension and allow your body and mind to deeply relax.


Stress is prevalent in modern day living and while a little can be beneficial too much can eventually lead to illness and disease. Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK. With busier lives, greater pressures and feelings of time escaping us, our health and happiness can often be compromised.

Restorative yoga helps to tip the balance back to centre. It soothes and calms the nervous system, switching it over to the ‘rest and digest’ mode essential for promoting maintenance and repair in the body. It enables us to enter a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, so we can begin to live more consciously.

Taking time from the busyness of life to find moments of stillness and quietude can reap huge benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Come and see for yourself!



Damaris’ love of yoga was first sparked in her teens and has grown to become an integral part of her life along with other practices such as mindfulness meditation and Qi Gong. She was first drawn to yoga as she loved how it made her feel, and soon the positive effects of a calmer mind and more easeful body began to reflect in her life off the mat. She believes yoga and mindfulness are invaluable tools for dealing with the stresses and challenges that life likes to throw at us, and can also help us to find magic in the small things in life.

She trained at one of London’s leading yoga centres, Triyoga, on a two-year course (accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance USA) under the inspirational guidance of Jean Hall, Mimi-Kuo Deemer, Aki Omori and Carlos Pomeda. She is a fully insured, qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga.

She has also completed the Triyoga 33hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Ashby.

Sound Therapy with Gongs

light pic dec workshop

Saturday 2nd December 2017, 12-1 pm
Saturday 16th December 2017, 7-8 pm

There is no doubt that sound healing in one form or the other is becoming more popular. It is deeply relaxing and this profound healing modality has the ability to bypass the thinking mind and just get straight to the point on an energetic and cellular level.

The Gongs in particular have the ability to clear the clutter much like sonic Feng Shui of the body and soul as it quietens the mind allowing you to enter into a well of stillness.  This puts the body into a more receptive mode for a greater healing journey.

Working with the Symphonic Gong, it carries all the frequencies known to man and your body will know exactly which frequency it needs at that time.  Like a sponge, if you are open to receive, your body will take from it what you need whether you are aware of it or not.

Joh, the teacher, also works with the less familiar Tuning Pipes which are the same as tuning forks but louder and more resonant for longer  It interacts more specifically with particular energy spots in the body.  The sound is pure and will quickly shift you into a space of lightness as it re-attunes, re-aligns you, shifting you into a greater state of equilibrium and balance.

Other therapeutic sound healing instruments will be used.

Further info

Cost £15 – £5 off with voucher code – contact Joh direct for info.

Limited spaces – Booking advisable – Please contact Joh on 07958 348887
or email to


  • Kindly arrive on time so as not to disturb the class.
  • The sessions are for ADULTS only
  • Not advisable during pregnancy
  • If you have a pre-existing illness or metal implants (pins,screws, pacemaker etc) please consult your GP before attending.  It can resonate the metal or change the rhythm of the pacemaker.
  • If you have a history of serious psychological/mental disturbance, please consult your GP before attending.
  • Any condition that is sound sensitive can be triggered by sound – tinnitus, Ménière’s disease, epilepsy,
  • No claims for the curing of any illness is made

About Joh Johnson

Joh is a Sound healing therapist and author.  Her introduction into the world of Sound healing came after training in other therapies including Cognitive Hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki and Massage.

After serious illness and recovery, a world of dreams now serves to guide her. In one dream she was taken to two ancient healing sites by her mother and was shown the very instruments she now works with, along with how they work. Without prior knowledge to this she literally is now living this dream after manifesting this into a reality.

Joh has trained with Debbi Walker of Suara Sound, Tony Nec of Sound Healing Academy, and Sheila Whittaker, Master Gong player and teacher with the College of Sound Healing.

Joh works mostly with the Paiste Symphonic Gong which carries all the known frequencies and notes known to man.  Joh also works with Tuning forks and pipes which play pure notes and come in many different healing and balancing frequencies.  Working with energy Joh believes Sound is the highest form of energy healing, is the future of healing, and also believes she is sharing an ancestral healing art.




MOTHERING – December 2nd, 2017 – 4-7 pm, £45

Restorative yoga and a deep meditative Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) practice will close the four month programme; encouraging time out and self care throughout your pregnancy and preparation for mothering. Guest artist Fran leads a session on quilting alongside discussion on becoming a mother and the various meanings of Mothering: culturally, intuitively and socially. There will be time for sharing and feedback before we part, and an (optional) follow up gathering in February to meet the babies and continue the support of the network of mothers we’ve created together.

Workshop leaders over the four months programme 

Claire Horton (Yoga instructor and Arts Producer), Corinne Allsopp (Occupational
Therapist and Yoga Instructor), Simone Muller-Lotz (Pilates instructor and Dancer)
and Laura Godfrey-Isaacs (Midwife and Artist).
Guest Artists: Fran Burden (Artist), Eleanor Margolies (Writer and Poet) Helen
Sargeant (Artist)
Chef: Hannah Thomas (Bakestone)

Cost:£45 for individual workshop – Location: Zen Yoga, Camberwell, SE5

Booking: on eventbrite

Find out more: 

Testimonials from past Partner Workshops…

 “Our little man “C” was born in a hurry on Thursday. We used what we learned in your class to stay at home for as long as possible, so we got to the hospital with 10 mins to spare! So thank you ….  I’d just like to add my thanks, the birthing ball positions and breathing exercises were a massive help for us while “D” went through contractions at home…  D & B, Nov 2016

” I’m super thankful for all your advice and for the muslin cloth sprinkled with essential oils and kept in the freezer – I loved it! My midwives too! It brought so much relief. And your breathing techniques and yoga routine helped me dilate to 7cm at home. So again, many many thanks!!!…” A & J, Nov 2016

Testimonials from Creative Birth Programme…

The weeks in pregnancy slip by so quickly & I’m grateful to have found the Creative Birth Workshops. Body & MILK have provided a rare & precious opportunity to spend time celebrating the beauty of pregnancy & marvel our powerful bodies, as well as gain essential evidence based knowledge on nourishing our body & baby. These workshops have been some of the great highlights of my pregnancy journey so far. 

-CB participant Oct 2017

Thank you for bringing together such a soulful way to prepare for birth. It was beautiful to take the time to share such gentle, reflective practice together in sisterhood. I’m so glad I came. The dynamic was so supportive, nourishing and honest.

– CB participant Sept 2017



pic healthy hips 16 Dec 2017

Saturday 16th December 2017 ~ 12-2 pm


This workshop is designed to strengthen and release all those muscles that are strained, pushed and tightened as you run, cycle, workout or sit for long periods.

Sitting for long periods whether that’s at work or at home as well as running and cycling is known for causing tight hamstrings and hips, and don’t work the body evenly, so we will explore how to cultivate a greater range of motion and strength in key areas of the body: IT band, spine, hamstrings and hips.

This will not only help to improve the flexibility and strength of your hips and hamstrings, but it will also help alleviate lower back pain and improve posture.

We will go deep into those hips and hamstrings with a creatively sequenced flow and some slower Yin yoga, using props to help us lengthen and strengthen the muscles and fascia of the lower body.

This is a physical practise with lots of time for questions, chatting and laughter! No previous yoga experience is required.

*Yummy, healthy treats included!

Further info

Email sarahfretwellyoga1@gmail.comfor further information:


Please book by Eventbride

About Sarah Fretwell

Following travels in Ghana and West Africa, she started teaching yoga in Surrey, falling in love with the creative potential of Vinyasa and has taught an ever evolving form of this since. Since moving to London, Sarah has been inspired by many teachers, with whom she practises, learns and connects with through further study towards her 500 hour qualification. Inspired by the power of creativity, music and yoga philosophy, Sarah currently teaches busy group classes at London’s studios including Zen Yoga and The Honor Oak Wellness Rooms.

She is recognised for her creative, fluid flows and her ability to make her teachings available to all those present, regardless of their ability. Her aim is to inspire each individual to connect intuitively to their own body and to start to move more mindfully, rather than be dictated solely by the teacher. Anatomy and alignment always underpins her teaching, but does not govern her classes with rules. Instead she is keen to explore new ways of movement, unlocking stagnant energy throughout the body and finding more ease and freedom in the body.



Mindfulness for Health & Wellbeing course

Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing

Starting Friday 19th January 2018 19:00-21:00 for 8 weeks.
Optional retreat day on Sat 24th Feb 11-4pm.

We’ll explore a variety of topics including:

  • Stress and time pressures
  • Physical pain
  • Difficult emotions
  • Taking care of yourself and nurturing your wellbeing
  • Living at an elevated level of function

Cost: £230 (includes all the course materials and recorded guided meditations for you to practice at home)
1-day retreat cost is £40. Or take advantage of my special offer of 8-week course + day retreat for £220.

For more info and to book, see

Create Your Sensual Lifestyle Design for 2018


With Jonita D’souza

Saturday, 20 January 2018 at 13:00–17:00


☝ Tired of setting New Year Resolutions and falling off the wagon in the first month

☝ Wish for some fun womanly tools to practise to keep you inspired in the long run

☝ Wonder how some women can stay energised & fulfilled even in their busy lifestyle

☝ Wish to achieve more with ease & happiness and have time to play & rest

Then… you’ve got to CREATE YOUR SENSUAL LIFESTYLE DESIGN, so that you –

👌 Receive clarity on your needs and desires for 2017

👌 Have empowering daily practices that are fun and feminine

👌 Nourish your body and your feminine wisdom

👌 Feel happy & energised amidst the chaos of a busy lifestyle


2018 is just round the corner 😉

I am excited to be announcing our most popular event of the year –


Inviting all Feminine Explorers to a Creative Interactive Sensual workshop!

Let’s kick-start 2018 with feminine way of goal setting using our Sensuality.

How many times have we made goals and New Year resolutions and forgot or gave up on it half way through January?

This new year, let’s indulge ourselves in our big visions and get ready to dream, to set intentions, to manifest and activate new vibrations in us the Feminine Way – a new way of setting goals based on heart’s desires using our SENSUALITY!

In this creative workshop, you will –

💃 Learn TANTRIC method of tuning in to SENSUALITY
💃 Gain clarity around what you want and what not
💃 Infuse SENSUALITY for goal setting
💃 Discover Feminine Principles around setting Goals and Intentions
💃 Reflect on the previous year
💃 Create a SENSUAL LIFESTYLE vision for your desires for 2018
💃 Create a SENSUAL LIFESTYLE Vision Board for the New Year
💃 Learn daily practices to maximize the effect of your SENSUAL Vision Board to transform your life



The day will include practising feminine embodiment exercises to tap into our sensual creative energy followed by creating a SENSUAL LIFESTYLE vision of our life on paper in our own unique expression and activating the receiving energies to manifest them.

You’ll leave the day feeling nourished in sacred sisterhood along with your SENSUAL LIFESTYLE VISION BOARD.

Whether you’ve made a vision board before or not, this is an opportunity for you to start or continue deliberately creating your world of desires for 2018.


What to Bring?


And we will provide the rest (the boards, scissors, glue, more magazines, workbook as well as an ambient environment to enhance creativity!

Let’s come together, bring our girl friends, get creative and get our Sensual Lifestyle Vision Board ready for 2018!

There will be herbal tea and healthy nibbles to keep the fun going. Please feel free to bring your snacks to share.


Early Bird Ticket Price – £35 (until 8th of December 2017)
General Ticket – £50

As like all of my circles, this will be an intimate event so spaces are limited.

Book your ticket here –

Looking forward to sitting in sacred circle with you!

About Jonita D’souza

Headshot-2Jonita D’souza is a Feminine Lifestylist, an Author and Creatress of Exploring Femininity Ltd., assisting modern day busy women who struggle with burn-out, overwhelm and body love to reconnect with their feminine and sensual energy so that they can create a lifestyle that is fulfilling, nurturing and pleasurable. Jonita is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and combines the teachings of feminine mysticism and shamanism in her work.

Jonita believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come.

You can see more of her work on her website here –