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Deepening into Intimacy & Ecstasy for Men & Women


With Sonja Shrada Devi

Saturday, 22nd, 11.30 am to 3.30 pm

Full price: £65 (conc. £55)

A guided journey of playful & profound exploration of radical embodiment & authentic connection for couples and singles.

‘Belly to belly’ is a tantric practice designed to deepen our capacity to connect, and meet ourselves, and each other in a fresh, raw, real way. In this workshop ‘Belly to Belly’ meets Ecstatic dance for a journey of connection and embodied ecstasy.

You are invited to drop beyond the masks and be guided through a series of simple exercises with a series of partners. The practices are both simple and profoundly transformative, helping you to explore and gently move beyond blocks to intimacy, learn to create healthy boundaries and open to feeling on a whole new level.

In this workshop for men and women Shradha combines her experience as a Tantra and Yoga teacher, Women’s Healer and Intimacy & Empowerment Coach to provide a safe and supportive space for women and men yearning to break free from self judgment and shame through connecting to their power, vulnerability, strength and unconditional capacity for self love and cultivate deeper connection in all their relationships.

​Come and join us in this revolution of men & women stepping into their power and showing up as the most authentic,  embodied, integrated and unashamed version of themselves.

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photo june

Saturday 22nd July 2017, 4-6 pm

Cost £25 (£20 Concessions)


Restorative yoga evolved from the teachings of BKS Iyengar and is suitable for everyone regardless of yoga style or level. Poses are held for longer lengths of time (up to 15mins) with the body fully supported on bolsters and blankets to ensure comfort and ease. Gentle stretches and breath awareness help to release tension and allow your body and mind to deeply relax.


Stress is prevalent in modern day living and while a little can be beneficial too much can eventually lead to illness and disease. Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK. With busier lives, greater pressures and feelings of time escaping us, our health and happiness can often be compromised.

Restorative yoga helps to tip the balance back to centre. It soothes and calms the nervous system, switching it over to the ‘rest and digest’ mode essential for promoting maintenance and repair in the body. It enables us to enter a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, so we can begin to live more consciously.

Taking time from the busyness of life to find moments of stillness and quietude can reap huge benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Come and see for yourself!



Damaris’ love of yoga was first sparked in her teens and has grown to become an integral part of her life along with other practices such as mindfulness meditation and Qi Gong. She was first drawn to yoga as she loved how it made her feel, and soon the positive effects of a calmer mind and more easeful body began to reflect in her life off the mat. She believes yoga and mindfulness are invaluable tools for dealing with the stresses and challenges that life likes to throw at us, and can also help us to find magic in the small things in life.

She trained at one of London’s leading yoga centres, Triyoga, on a two-year course (accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance USA) under the inspirational guidance of Jean Hall, Mimi-Kuo Deemer, Aki Omori and Carlos Pomeda. She is a fully insured, qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga.

She has also completed the Triyoga 33hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Ashby.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony – Mayan Heart Medicine


Saturday 22nd July 2017 ~ 7-10.30 pm

“An indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.” – Keith, the Chocolate Shaman, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Cacao, chocolate in it’s purest form, has certainly returned. Being used in increasingly different ways as the connection and partnership faciliator that it is. Yoga, ecstatic dance, breathwork, sound healing, tantra and group work… any situation where the vibration would benefit from being higher & more heart-centred.

I learnt much about cacao through open ceremony space. Using it to learn how to meditate ‘my way’ & heal through inner energetic and emotional processing in a supportive group energy – with as much guidance as was empowering.

I have been in an ever-deepening relationship with cacao over the last six years & I humbly offer this kind of ceremonial space to help others connect with this magical medicine & their own innate healing potential.

The evening allows sacred time for you – to explore and connect with the cacao & ultimately deepen the loving relationship with self. The space looks to assist in understanding the energetics of healing, language of the subconscious & to develop intuitive knowing, healing & magical gifts. There can be silent meditative periods, one-on-one work, open conversations & sharing, guided meditations…… whatever the energies of the group call for on the night.

The day chosen for this is 1 Ix in the Mayan Calendar. Mark Elmy from says this about it:

“Ix days are also the patron days of natural shrines and altars, the places where prayers and offerings are made to the spirit of Mother Earth, to ask her for what we require, and where thanks are given. The day 1 Ix could be seen as an excellent day for the renovation of such places, if you have them around you, or the setting up of new shrines. It is said that the number 1 represents the goddess Sac Ixik, the maiden moon goddess whose places were springs and streams, which are also associated with the nawal Ix. This association with water could also see the nawal Ix as both the source of life and the protector of water sources. 1 Ix is, therefore, a very feminine day, full of life and energy and of potential for magic and beauty. It is a day to show gratitude for all that you might become.

It is a day when we can make our petition to Mother Earth, and thank her for what she has brought to us. It is a day when we can see the potential benefits of living in harmony with Mother Earth, a day when we can begin to understand where engaging with her magic might lead us.”

Please join me in circle on this night if you feel called..

Much love

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Cost: £25

Venue: Zen Yoga, 24A Camberwell Grove, London SE5 8RE

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Bring water
Wear comfortable clothing

Eating too much beforehand (light meal, fast, or bring snacks)
Caffiene in the hours before
Eating dairy in the hours before

Theobromine in cacao contains natural MAOIs – please let me know beforehand if you are taking any anti-depressants as your dose will be adjusted accordingly. thank you.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Private session work available.

About DuDuncanncan Fordham

Duncan Fordham is a healer, meditation leader & conscious dance facilitator who has spent much of the last three years living in Guatemala working ceremonially with “the Cacao Shaman” in understanding energy healing, inner work & the wisdom of the heart. He has a passion for personal transformation & group work.


Summer Yin Workshop

Sarah Fretwell - 29th April workshop

Saturday 29th July 2017  @ 12-2 pm

Join Sarah for a delicious afternoon of Yin Yoga at the beautiful Zen Yoga studio in Camberwell @ 12-2 pm on Saturday 29 July.

This Yin workshop focuses on slow, meditative and soothing Yin yoga to help the body unwind, and increase flexibility. Moving through seated and supine poses specifically chosen to soften and lengthen tight muscles, you will leave with a greater flexibility and range of motion, a more settled mind and a sense of calm and stillness.

Yin yoga gives us the space to slow down and stay with our experiences rather than always rushing and striving to achieve. Yin yoga is a practise in which floor-based poses are held for several minutes. Within these long holds there is an encouragement of softness and an emphasis on relaxing muscle tissue. We become more aware through this stillness of the sensations within the body, the fluctuations of the mind, thoughts and breath.

Yin yoga is suitable and beneficial for all levels of practitioner.

Sarah is an experienced Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher and has been teaching and running these workshops since 2014.

The workshop is £25.00, please contact me at to book and pay for your space and click “attending” on my Facebook page:

Find out more about Sarah here:

Chakradance – a workshop with Sarah Bladen


The Workshop

Time: 7-8.15pm

Date: Saturday, July 29th, 2017


Chakradance is a fun, dance practice that takes you on a journey through your seven chakras, using healing music that resonates with each energy centre. This two-hour workshop is designed to expand self-awareness, connect to your true essence and spirit. It includes meditation, yogic movement, freestyle dance and mandala art and everyone is welcome.

Further info

For any questions or to book, please contact Sarah or 07527063778


Cost £10

About Sarah Bladen

sarah bladen pic

Sarah Bladen is a freelance writer, Zen yoga and meditation teacher, Chakradance facilitator and is passionate about wellbeing. She spent a year in an ashram in South India training with a Himalayan Yogi where she learnt how to connect inwards and be a conduit for energy healing. Sarah has also experienced the beauty of Tantra, learning from Masters in the East and the West.



Foundation Training workshop

September 2nd, 2017,  from 11.30 am to 4 pm

Say hello to a stronger more pain free body

Day 1

This comprehensive workshop will give you a full understanding of the basic principles of Foundation Training and help you to understand pain better. It will make a difference to how your own back feels and give you a sense of how to integrate the deepest core muscles to achieve strength and balance in your whole body. If you are a teacher the workshop will give you some ideas as to how you can help your students achieve more from their sessions.

A Day 2 workshop (date tba) will follow to reinforce the learning from Day 1 and provide an opportunity to introduce and practise the remainder of the 18 exercises on which Foundation Training is built. Dr Eric Goodmans brilliant TED talk will give you a further insight into this quite remarkable training programme that has changed so many lives. Just take a look at the comments!

For more information and to book your place and pay to secure it please
contact either:

Kate Gray –
07968 040848


Lynn Exley –
07553 354845

Fee £120


With 80% of the population suffering from back pain at some stage in their lives we have a big problem! Kate Gray and Lynn Exley went to America to find a solution which has worked for their own backs and is now changing the lives of their clients.


Foundation Training is a revolutionary set of strengthening and stretching exercises developed by Dr Eric Goodman, an American chiropractor. With practice, these very specific exercises train the body and mind to rediscover natural movement patterns by integrating the posterior chain of muscles and using them effectively to decompress the spine and reduce pain. The results have often been quite dramatic in a very short space of time. Foundation Training is widespread in the USA but there are only a handful of fully qualified trainers in the UK.

Kate& lynn lightYOUR UK INSTRUCTORS. Two fully certified teachers offering hands on attention Kate Gray and Lynn Exley who trained with Dr Goodman in America are coming to London in September. Lynn is also a Yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and Kate is a Pilates teacher, a pain specialist and registered nurse. Kate and Lynn, who have suffered back problems themselves found this programme of exercises to be simply the best thing they have ever done for their own backs and now teach regular classes.




A programme of four interdisciplinary workshops hosted by Zen Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga & Pilates teachers, artists, and local midwife. The programme includes yoga, dance, creative writing, food and craft to support your preparation for pregnancy, birth and mothering. No previous experience needed.

Workshop leaders
Claire Horton (Yoga instructor and Arts Producer), Corinne Allsopp (Occupational
Therapist and Yoga Instructor), Simone Muller-Lotz (Pilates instructor and Dancer)
and Laura Godfrey-Isaacs (Midwife and Artist).
Guest Artists: Fran Burden (Artist), Eleanor Margolies (Writer and Poet) Helen
Sargeant (Artist)
Chef: Hannah Thomas (Bakestone)

BODY – September 9th, 2017 – 4-7 pm

An exploration of the remarkable changes your body undergoes during pregnancy through dance, yoga and drawing. This first workshop in the programme connects you to your body through conscious movement, breathwork, self-massage, and meditation. The use of these powerful practices draws the awareness inwards – encouraging you to explore the subtleties of the physical body and the effect the mind has on its functions. Learn how hormonal and physiological changes support the growth of your baby and how best to alleviate common pregnancy ailments through exercise, and postural considerations, as well as an understanding your pelvic anatomy through drawing with guest artist Helen Sargeant.

MILK – October 7th, 2017 – 4-7 pm

Explore perceptions of breastfeeding in our culture and how to empower your  feeding choices with midwife Laura. Through a physical practice incorporating Womb Yoga and Well Woman Yoga Therapy, explore mantra (sound) and mudra (hand gestures) to connect to the cyclical rhythms of both your own, and the wider, nature. Chef Hannah will also be on site with recipes and nutritional information on how best to support & nourish yourself in the early weeks and months post partum. This session will also include vegetarian (or vegan) meal, designed by Hannah to support breast milk production, to be shared as group or as a takeaway.

BIRTH – November 11th, 2017 – 4-7 pm

Guest writer Eleanor joins for a creative writing session providing you the tools to envision, plan and adapt to decisions that will present during labour. We’ll hold a safe space for everyone to discuss birth in an informal woman’s circle setting, as well as exploring the use of movement and sounding during your labour. Birth partners are invited to join later on for some gentle partner yoga, as well as explore various birthing positions and breathing practices together.

MOTHERING – December 2nd, 2017 – 4-7 pm

Restorative yoga and a deep meditative Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) practice will close the four month programme; encouraging time out and self care throughout your pregnancy and preparation for mothering. Guest artist Fran leads a session on quilting alongside discussion on becoming a mother and the various meanings of Mothering: culturally, intuitively and socially. There will be time for sharing and feedback before we part, and an (optional) follow up gathering in February to meet the babies and continue the support of the network of mothers we’ve created together.

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£180 for the full programme of 4 workshops at Zen Yoga, Camberwell, SE5