Zen Meditation

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about the class

Zen is strongly associated with group practice. Having the opportunity to be with others on the same path and in a place dedicated to this work is tremendously beneficial. This session is dedicated to practice (there is very little time for teaching or guiding beginners).

We begin at 7am with meditation and sanzen (private Zen interviews), and finish with an informal tea which you are very welcome to stay for (or shoot off if you need).

For beginners or newcomers, it is best to come to one of our Sunday meetings first. For more info see the Zenways website (the website for our Zen group).

Paying a regular donation towards the class

You’re very welcome to come a few times to see whether you find our style of practice helpful. There is no charge. However if you decide you want to attend regularly, you can sign up as a Zenways member and commit to sending a monthly donation to help cover the cost of the class – our Zen organisation relies for its survival on your donations.

For more information and how to sign up see the Zenways website.


Class Teacher – Daizan Roshi

Daizan is the founder and director of ZenYoga.

Having studied in Zen monasteries over many years, Daizan is a Zen master in the Rinzai tradition. He has been teaching meditation and yoga in London since he returned from Japan in 2007.

His teachings emphasise the transformative power of mindfulness, melting away blocks and resistances so that we can enter life more fully and fearlessly.